Thursday, August 16, 2007

Kickoff Party!

This Sunday we'll be eating local brunches and loving every bite! So, we thought we'd send out a more detailed blog announcement about the Kick-off Party. The blog has reached even more people, so this promises to be one great starter event! On that note here's the details for you and feel free to pass them on:

Where: Mike and Andrea's House: Please e-mail us for our address,
heidinger [at] comcast [dot] net

When: Sat., August 18, come anytime after 7PM (This should give you time to attend WCG's Salsa Party, and even enter a salsa for details check out:

What to Bring:
A dish to share made from all local ingredients and marked as being within 100 or 250 miles.
A hard copy of the recipe of the dish you brought (we'll post them for people to copy down). Some utensils, plates and/or bowls to enjoy the fine vittles with!
Any type of drinks you'd prefer.
Any extra food you would like to trade for other food, i.e. we'll have flour (lots of unbleached and whole wheat) and maybe cucumbers and herbs.
A t-shirt design if you've got an idea... maybe we can get grocery bags instead?

We'll take care of the rest and can't wait to see you all!

Until then, good luck in your preparations,

Mike and Andrea

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AGU said...

Good luck on your challenge. I've just found your site, via Catalyst magazines web site. I have been trying to eat more locally myself for most of this summer. I have documented a lot of my experiences on my personal blog A Posse Ad Esse. and am currently in the process of creating a more specific one geared toward creating a Greener Utah. I will link to you and try to raise awareness of your efforts.
Good Luck