Wednesday, July 11, 2007



Gilt Edge Flour Mills
from Richmond, UT*
Flour from a variety of sources—farthest away is in Idaho Falls.
Choose from Whole Wheat, All Purpose, and High Pro flours.
Available in 25 or 50 pound bags.
*In the past a group pick-up has been arranged by calling ahead to place an order and having a designated driver make the pick-up.

Honeyville Farms
Wheat sourced from Northern Utah and Southern Idaho
Honeyville Farms is not returning e-mails or phone calls, so the localness of their product has not been confirmed this year. However, according to earlier information, it is local.

Lehi Roller Mills
from Lehi, UT
Local grain is mixed in with non-local grain, so this offers a convenient alternative for those who are comfortable with a partially local source.
available at
Mill Store 833 East Main in Lehi

Milam Zabka's Flour

from Lava Hot Springs
-Have not confirmed that all of his wheat is local.
Grown organically
available at Cali's Natural Foods

Wheatland Flour

from Collinston, UT
-Finally got to speak with them, and most of their wheat comes from Washington. :(
Organic, unbleached white flour
available at Cali's Natural Foods


Andrea and Mike said...

Although not good for our Eat Local Challenge because it buys from all over the intermountain west, Central Milling Co. of Logan is strictly organic now!

lis said...

It's easy to make nut flour/meal. I haven't experimented with totally replacing regular flour with nut flours (guessing you'd have to make a lot of other adjustments) but it is a great supplement. Just grind nuts in a food processor or coffee grinder until it's a fine meal (don't overgrind or you'll end up with butter--which, of course, is not a bad thing).

Also, I hear you can grind dehydrated corn to make corn meal. I plan to give it a try--I'll let you know how it goes. Again, not quite a flour replacement, but. . .

On the subject of potato flour, I found this great article from George Washington Carver about how to make flour, starch, and sugar (well, syrup) from sweet potatoes. Check it out (scroll to the bottom):

The flour recipe is pretty straightforward: dry sweet potatoes and grind them up.

You can also make various fruit flours this way.

Andrea and Mike said...

We are getting more flour on Tuesday and will have it for trade and cash (first come first served)at the Kick-off Party! It comes from Gilt Edge Flour Mills which is in Richmond and is currently getting all their wheat from the surrounding towns, easily in the 250 mile range and just outside the 100 mile range. We'll have unbleached all-purpose flour and whole wheat flour.

Andrea and Mike said...

We picked up more flour this year if anyone wants to trade/buy some. On the way back we bought a box of peaches, some peppers, some corn, some frozen sour cherries and could've bought even more variety- Northern Utah is so abundant!

Tara said...

Local Flour Available from Andrea and Mike

Mike and Andrea kindly made a run to pick up some serious local flour.
Here is what is available as of 8/30/09:
#12 Whole Wheat flour
#10 All Purpose flour (must buy whole #10)
#75 Hi-Pro flour
#50 All Purpose flour

Except for the #10 bag, amounts can be split up. Cost is 50 cents/pound or reasonable local trades.

If you're joining the prep party, you can pick up your flour then (and use it promptly).