Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Native Food Gathering


Matthew said...

I've been trout fishing and freezing them to save for the Eat Local Challenge. I'd like to find a cool way to prep them, something like smoking or cold smoking would be fun to try.
I'm going to try and go out for Mahonia berries too. I'll post on how it goes.

Susan said...

Matthew - Oh man, I would LOVE to go trout fishing! I've only gone a couple times, but if you're ever gonna go again and you don't mind a tagalong, please let me know.
Susan (

Matthew said...

Yep, sounds like fun to me. I'll look at my calender.

Jacob said...

On August 4th there will be a wild edibles and medicinals class. We will meet at the western end of the Smith's Marketplace parking lot at 7:00am to go up to East Canyon near Little Dell Reservoir.

In this course we will wander through scrub, wetlands, meadows, and riparian zones in search of wild greens, fruits, roots, and seeds. The focus of the class is not to gather necessarily (though we will definitely be doing some) but to identify useful plants found in the Wasatch and throughout the Rockies. We'll also look at how best to preserve and use the plants we find along the way. Be prepared to spend time in the mountains (i.e. water, snacks, some good walking shoes, your loved one). Please avoid wearing bright colored clothing as we want to blend in with the place as we go along and gather. We'll finish up around noon or so.

Please email me, Jacob at or call #703-4252 to let me know you are coming. I think it is best to keep the group small to 6 or 7 folks. If there is enough interest we'll do it again for those who couldn't make it this time around.

Jacob said...

The wild edibles course will meet at the 3300 south Smith's Marketplace parking lot. The one next to REI.

Andrea and Mike said...

Matthew, we've got a smoker for those fish if you're interested?!