Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Milk, Butter, and other Dairy

Winder Farms
from West Valley City, UT
Milk delivered in reused glass bottles and free of growth hormones
available by on-line order
Also available in plastic bottles in grocery stores and at Rite Aid.
1%, 2%, skim, whole, buttermilk, half & half, whipping cream

Drake Family Farms
from West Jordan, UT
Antibiotic-free and growth hormone-free Goat Milk
available at
Pioneer Farmers Market
Park City Farmers Market
Murray Park Utah Farm Bureau Farmers Market
Thanksgiving Point Farmers Market
Emigration Market
Whole Foods
Drake Farm Store at 1856 Drake Lane (7400S)

Winder Farms
Processed by Gossner —milk sourced from dairy farms from Delta, UT to Magna Falls(?), ID including Winder Farms milk.
All milk they use is growth-hormone free.
available by
On-line order at


Drake Family Farms
from West Jordan, UT
Antibiotic-free and growth hormone-free Goat Milk
available at
Emigration Market
Whole Foods


Winder Farms
The contact at Winder Farms stated that their sour cream is actually processed somewhere in West Valley, but I have not been able to learn anything more.
available by on-line order at


Maureen said...

Winder Farms 1-800- Winder1 or
Home delivery of white, chocolate, strawberry and banana milk. Cows never injected with growth hormones and comes from the cow to your door within 24-36. Farm is located in West Valley - good for the 100 mile radius folks.

Andrea and Mike said...

Fantastic! Although I feel I must point out that the chocolate and banana flavors are definately not from utah (at least if they're real). Love the regular milk though.

lis said...

haven't done any research about any local dairies are producing butter, but there's a brainlessly easy way to make it at home (as long as you have a stand mixer of some sort). If you have TimeSelect, you can find the details here:

If not, here's the basic process:

Pour six cups of heavy cream into the mixer bowl. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap because the stuff flies. Once you're ready, whip the hell out of the cream (on med/high speed). The cream will start to turn pale yellow and it will look like little pebbles. A minute or two after this, liquid will start splashing the plastic as the butter separates. Turn off the mixer quickly.

Dump everything into a colander set over a bowl (this will allow all of the buttermilk to run out, but you want to collect it for other uses). Knead the butter for about 5 minutes (over the strainer/bowl to collect additional buttermilk). Add salt to the butter if you'd like.

You'll end up with about 2 cups of butter and 2 cups of buttermilk. The buttermilk you get here is not the cultured buttermilk you buy in the store, but you can use it in soups, smoothies, etc. It tastes pretty great with oatmeal, too.

The whole process took me about 15 minutes and the butter is eat by the spoonful delicious.

I'm going to try to make goat's milk butter--a slightly more complicated process. I'll let you know how it goes.

Shea said...

I talked to Winder dairy on the phone. Here's what I got:

White eggs: Fassio Egg Farms Grantsville, UT

Brown eggs: organic, out of state

Soy milk: out of state:

Chicken: out of state

Milk: Heber Valley, some in Coalville

Butter: Gossner in Cache Valley (tub),
sticks from Westpoint Dairy, Cache Valley but main office is in Nebraska.

We probably should try calling Gossner and Westpoint to see what they say about how local it is.

Cheese: from Gossner, Cache Valley

Cottage cheese/sour cream: by Meadowgold (Idaho)

Alice said...

This is an old post, but any idea on how Rosehill Dairy compares to Winder?