Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Other Protein Sources- Eggs

These days many people keep their own chickens for eggs which is great and not too difficult to do, but if you can't swing it, you might want to try Clifford eggs from Provo. They are at the SLC Farmers Market every Saturday, are sold at Liberty Heights Fresh and also have a drop off site at The Green Building Center (where it is self service, just bring cash to put in the jar). For more information you can contact them:Location: 1461 n. 2100 w.Provo, UT 84604 Contact: Julie and Rich Clifford801-368-7250


Clifford Family Farm
from Provo, UT
Free Range and Certified Organic
available at
Liberty Heights Fresh
SLC Downtown Farmers Market

Oakdell Egg Farms
from North Salt Lake, UT
Cage free, no hormones or antibiotics, certified organic
available at

Winder Farms
from Fassio Egg Farms in Grantsville, UT
Both White and Brown eggs are local.
available by on-line order

Drake Family Farms
from West Jordan, UT
Free range eggs
available at
Drake Family Farm Store located at 1856 West Drake Lane (7400 S)

Rocky Mountain Eggs*

from West Valley City (and Denver)
*These eggs are not completely local--some may be from Denver.
available at
Sunflower Farmers Market

Fassio Egg Farms
from West Valley City, UT
Both white and brown eggs available.
Brown eggs are certified organic, cage free, and veg-fed.
available at
Sam's Club
Sunflower Farmers Market
Reams Foods
Winder Farms


Kaytee said...

Pecans seems to be the winner, as far as being grown in Utah. And there is a seller at the downtown farmer's market. Being said, I found two recipes. One is for pecan milk, and the other is pecan butter (instead of peanut butter)!

mmmmm, pecans!

Anonymous said...

Kaytee actually found out the pecans are from Hurricane. After mapquesting SLC to Hurricane, pecans are out (291 miles). Bummer!


Andrea and Mike said...

Hey folks- Walnuts are coming on in the valley. Tastey and a great form of protein. We have relatives who have a huge tree so if you are interested in gathering some for yourselves in the next month, e-mail us at :

Susan said...

actually, there are tons of people growing legumes in utah --- alfalfa!

but, i know what you mean. it's hard to find dry beans or anything besides green beans and snap peas.

the people at the Morgan Valley Lamb stand at the farmers market said that there are people growing dry beans up east of SLC... I can't remember where. But it seems they only sell commercially.

It seems to me that to make this challenge really possible for a vegan diet, you really need to find soy or some kind of protein.