Wednesday, July 11, 2007


*If you are going for 100%, watch out! The enzymes and rennet used to make cheese are bought outside of Utah. See posts below for information on how to make your own completely local cheese.

Rockhill Creamery
from Richmond, UT 84333
available at
Rockhill Creamery Farmstand
SLC Pioneer Park Farmers Market
Liberty Heights Fresh
The Store at 2050 E 6200 S, Holladay
Harmons at Brickyard and Seventh Street
Plus many other locations located further out from SLC, see for more information.

Drake Family Farms
from West Jordan, UT
available at
Pioneer Farmers Market
Park City Farmers Market
Murray Park Utah Farm Bureau Farmers Market
Thanksgiving Point Farmers Market
Whole Foods
Drake Farm Store at 1856 Drake Lane (7400S)
*As a result of an explanation of our Eat Local Challenge, a representative at Drake became very enthusiastic at the idea of using a local vinegar as the rennet in the ricotta! We’ll see what happens…

Beehive Cheese Company
from Uintah, UT
available at
Harmons Grocery Stores
The Store at 2050 E 6200 S, Holladay
Dan’s Market
Liberty Heights Fresh
Tony Caputo’s Market and Deli
Whole Foods
Also available at many other stores and restaurants. Visit the Beehive Cheese website, and look for Find Our Cheese under About Beehive Cheese for a complete list.

Winder Farms
Processed by Gossner —milk sourced from dairy farms from Delta, UT to Magna Falls(?), ID including Winder Farms milk.
Cottage cheese is produced by Meadow Gold.
All milk they use is growth-hormone free.
available by
On-line order at

Nicoletti Cheese Company
from Copperton, UT
Using goat’s milk from Drake Family Farms
available at
Tony Caputo’s Market and Deli
Mediterranean Market Deli at 3942 S. State St. in SLC
-Interesting article at

Shepherd's Dairy Products
Goat Cheese
from Erda, UT
available at
Whole Foods Market


Robyn said...

There are several Utah dairy farms that produce their own cheese and/or milk and yogurt. The enzymes and rennet that they use to make cheese is bought outside of Utah.

Rockhill Creamery
533 S. State St.
Richmond, UT 84333

Drake Family Farms Goat Dairy
1856 Drake Lane
W. Jordan, UT
(cheese, milk, and yogurt)

Beehive Cheese Company
2440 East 6600 South
Uintah, UT 84405

Andrea and Mike said...

Not having thought about the rennet issue, Andrea and I were thrown into cheese-withdrawl-panic. After 30 painstaking minutes of research here is what I found:
A rennet substitute can be made by boiling stinging nettle then using the extracted juice in place of rennet (Haven't tried it yet). This can be used for a variety of cheeses but probably not the hard types like Parmesan or even cheddar.
For soft cheeses such as mozzarella we can just use vinegar or some other form of acid. I tried this by adding a two capfuls of white vinegar to approx. one cup of milk and heating gently. Then I strained the resulting curds and was amazed to find cheese The whole experiment took two minutes. Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Two questions on the homemade cheese- where'd the white vinegar come from (local grapes or cider??) and how did it taste??
Polly Hart

Andrea and Mike said...

We got some homemade vinegar from a friend, but also have some from from Native Wines in Mt. Pleasant which is quite good! As for the taste of the cheese, it is a little bland, but a good base for tomatoes, basil and other things.

Judd said...
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Judd said...

Pseudo Cheese

1 gallon milk
few tbs (cider) vinigar
salt to taste

Mix ingredients.
Heat slowly, stirring the bottom of the pan.
When it gets up to 150-170 deg, the mixture should separate.
Let sit off the heat 10 min.
Strain through cheesecloth. The longer it sits the drier it will be.

It will be bland. I've tried mixing with jalapeƱos peppers or onions and garlic to add some favor. Pretty good on an omelet.

Makes about 3 cups "cheese".