Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Slide Ridge Honey
Pure, raw honey
from Mendon, UT
available at
Park City Farmers Market
SLC Pioneer Park Farmers Market
U-Pick Farm

Clifford Family Farm

from Provo, UT
available at
SLC Pioneer Park Farmers Market

Cox Honeyland
from Cache Valley, UT
available at
Whole Foods

More honey purveyors sell at the SLC Pioneer Park Farmers Market, but I have not yet done that research to see who is there this year.

Growing Empire was selling Stevia at the Murray Farmers Market during the 2010 season. Watch for it next year.


jurabb said...

Anyone growing Stevia? 1 tsp. fresh leaves= sweetness of 1 cup sugar.
I have a few plants and am happy to share if you're in need.

Local Food Challenge said...

I have one plant. Great stuff for sweetening drinks! (you miss the calories though)

Anonymous said...

(from Allan)

I spoke with the folks at Snake River Sugar in Twin Falls. They do make sugar in Twin Falls from sugar beets grown within the 250 mile radius, but they only sell to industrial users. Their minimum sales size is a 2,000 lbs. block of sugar. I don't think we can consume 2,000 lbs of sugar in 3 years let alone 1 month. I'll keep looking.


Anonymous said...

HONEY substitutes from the Farmer's Market:
Honey of Deseret 5lbs. for $25. Starting next week will have UT alfalfa honey. Starting Aug. 18th will have clover and wildflower honey from WY which will still be within the 250 mile limit. This past weekend his honey was orange blossom/clover because the hives had been in CA, so be sure to ask! He doesn't use pesticides in his hives and people notify him if pesticides are going to be sprayed in the fields around the hives. *He would also like to know in advance if a bunch of us are going to want honey in a single weekend. I told him there could potentially be 30 people all wanting 5lb. bottles.

Bob's Bees also has white clover and wildflower honey. Their hives are in West Valley and Oakley. BE CAREFUL! They also have dark honey but it is buckwheat from OHIO. They ordinarily sell their honey in 2lb. bottles for $12 each. They are going to start bringing 3-4lb. bottles and also said they would match the Honey of Deseret price. They also do not spray their hives, and their honey is raw/unheated.

Clifford Farms is in Provo. This wildflower honey is raw and certified organic. Unfortunately she had stepped away from her booth and I never caught up to her about prices/buying in bulk. Perhaps I'll catch up to her next weekend...


Anonymous said...

I wrote that the Honey of Deseret man wanted to be contacted if a lot of people wanted his honey on a specific Saturday. Here is his information: John Storey 801-634-7630.


Anonymous said...

Here is the update on Clifford Family Farm: They have 15 hives, all of which are contained on their own certified organic dried flower farm. They also have an orchard 2 blocks away. The honey is "wildflower" because they can not specify whether the bees have been visiting the flowers, orchard, raspberries, or clover along the nearby highway. Their honey tastes good and it seems like a nice, little family operation.
They charge the same amount as other vendors, 16 oz. for $7 and 32 oz. for $12. YUM!

BTW, looking at recipes, if you are substituting honey for sugar, you should also reduce your liquid by 1/4 cup for every cup of honey.



Suzanne and Allan said...

I have called Cox Honeyland (based in Logan) and their honey comes from Southern Idaho and Utah.
Miller's honey gathers honey from the Rocky Mountain region (Montana, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho). So in the stores you should pick Cox's.

Cooking with honey involves some modifications to your recipes. Honey is twice as sweet as sugar. You only need to use half as much honey as sugar called for in your recipe.
You will also need to reduce the amount of liquid in your recipe by one fifth (we are getting into some real math now!). You will also lower the temperature of our oven by 25 degrees F. Honey browns more than sugar.
12 fluid ounces of honey equals 1 cup (for conversion).

There is a "honey hole" :) of a website which discusses honey, flavors, recipes, etc. It is

Suzanne and Allan said...

The website got cut off in the above blog. It is

Suzanne and Allan said...

And again--the end of the website should be- honeytips.htm

allan and suzanne said...

Beware of the honeybutter. When I asked a local honey source at the farmer's market about the honeybutter she said they bought the butter at Costco and mixed it with the local honey! Ahh!

Michelle said...

Cox honey is spectacular. We lived in Cache Valley some years ago and made a point to visit their store regularly. If you are going up there, you can take your own containers (quart jars) and they will fill them and charge you by the weight. It is MUCH cheaper that way. If anyone plans to go up there, please contact me at

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