Wednesday, July 11, 2007


What will we do without Tea and Coffee?


Patty said...

Hi All,
I've been doing some checking around for some coffee substitutes and haven't found anything great but there are some alternatives. Dandilion root and chicory were mentioned at the planning party and they've been suggested by other folks I've asked. Merry Lycett Harrison of Mill Creek Herbs ( sells a nutritional tea made of dandilion, oat straw and nettles that "tastes good and is good for you"; perhaps the extra nutritional value will make you feel so good you won't need caffiene! She and others have also suggested Mormon tea, Merry says our local species don't have the large amount of ephedrine in them like the Oriental species do. "Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West" by Michael Moore has a good description of the plant and how to dry the plant and prepare the tea. He does caution that if you're buying the tea commercially to be sure that you're purchasing our local species, often the Oriental species, with higher ephedrine content, are sold commercially as "Mormon tea".
I'll continue to look for good local sources of these substitues. If you know of a source or a lead that I can help track down please post it!

Tara said...

While this idea does not include caffeine, it may be a fine substitute for your morning coffee. Try making a mint tea from dried mint leaves (use a tea ball to steep the tea) and add cream or milk.
I can't take credit for this. I learned it from Andrea.