Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crock Pot Time

I love when the weather cools down and warm, soupy meals feel just right. The crock pot comes out of hiding and life becomes a bit simpler. As a new mom I'm learning that the slow cooker is not only a great convenience but also a life saver!
Last night I chopped up and prepped as much as possible all of the ingredients for vegetarian chili. This morning I boiled and simmered the last of my Anasazi beans from the Four Corners region and threw them in the pot with all of my veggies. My house smells delicious, and dinner is almost ready!
Here are the ingredients for my Local Vegetarian Chili:
Anasazi Beans
Green Bell Pepper
Chili Pepper
Chocolate Pepper
Tomatoes - Black Plum Paste and Chianti Rose

The omnivore version could include ground beef, pork, or lamb--all locally available.
Consider topping this with fresh onions and cheese.
A side of local biscuits could round this out.

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