Friday, October 15, 2010

Preparing to Live without the Farmers Markets

The weather changed, I looked at my calendar, and I realized that I really do have to face the fact the local offerings are about to become greatly reduced. Since my tomatoes are ripening at a maddening snail's pace, and my winter squashes are only the size of little apples, I decided that I must hit the downtown farmers market tomorrow to pick up items that I can either can or put into cold storage.
Here's my shopping list and what I plan to do with the bounty:
freeze as pie filling
dry (mostly for oatmeal)
cold storage
can as sauce
cold storage
puree and freeze for baby food
puree and freeze for baby food
Winter Squash
Do I trust my garden to come through or not?
If I do buy this, I'll can using a pressure canner, freeze, and store.
Bell Peppers
Eat them!
Green Beans
Pressure Can

I have never really tried cold storage before, but I figured that I have successfully managed to keep my winter squash for 5 months in my pantry, so finding a little more controlled space for my apples should be doable. Here is a write-up by Wasatch Community Gardens that includes all types of food storage techniques. Scroll almost all the way down to find Cold Storage.

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