Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Day of Snatching Food on the Go

Yesterday I ran and ran to and fro. With my baby in tow we ran errands, attended meetings, hit the Downtown Farmers Market, and went to a Bee's game. What a first day to write about what I ate! Knowing that I had promised to tell the public about what I'm eating did have me a little worried. Could I manage to stay completely local with so little time in the kitchen? Did I have food that I could eat on the go?

Well,I did it! Here's the rundown:
Breakfast - Mint Tea, Shepherd's Chevre on homemade wheat toast, a fresh peach (that was so good!)
Lunch - leftover meat sauce made at the pasta party featuring delicious Star G Bar ground beef on toast with butter
Dinner - This was where I got panicky. My meeting ran over, and I still had to shop at the market. To top it off, the Tuesday market is awesome! The farmers and ranchers do want to talk, and I had all kinds of questions answered about Crenshaw melons, the difficult blueberry season, Thursday evenings at Caputo's at the 15's...By the time I was finished, I had no time to make any dinner! Fortunately, my husband daydreamed all day about what to eat for a dinner in the car, so when he came home he whipped up lamb, tomato, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Fabulous!
Snacks - Yogurt, berries, carrot sticks, a nectarine, and cottage cheese

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