Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hosting a Dinner Party

Friday was one of my most delicious days yet! We hosted some friends for a small dinner party. As dinner parties go, most of the day was consumed by preparations even though, in this case, the menu was not super-lavish. Things started simple since I had to hit the Murray Farmers Market--easy, focused food shopping.
Breakfast - Wheat toast with honey, Mint tea
Lunch - Leftover chicken and corn/tomato salsa with sour cream
Appetizer - Bruschetta on Rosemary toast
Dinner - Eggplant Lasagna (check out the recipe here) and Castle Creek's Outlaw Red wine
Dessert - Blackberries and Whipped Cream topped with a drizzle of Honey and a Sprinkling of Lavender
Other Snacks - Crenshaw melon, rosemary bread (I had to taste it before serving it, didn't I?), Warm Milk with Honey and Cream, Peaches and Yogurt

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