Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stocking Up

I have not been great about stocking up food for the winter--canning, freezing, drying. My garden is providing exactly what I need but not much more. Consequently, I am not left wanting but I am left obsessing. I don't suppose that only dried mint and some frozen berries will get me through the winter. To be fair, I have set aside one of my favorite staples--soup stock.

This glorious staple is so easy to whip up, and freezing requires no thought and no time. I also give myself my own little chuckle when I look at grocery ads, note the soup stocks on sale, and then realize that I have some that cost far less money, very little time, and required no packaging. My two favorites are a Vegetable Corn Stock which is vegetarian and Chicken Stock. I included links to some recipes, but these are never set in stone. The reason I love to make stock is that all I do is toss the corn cobs or chicken bones into a pot of boiling water and add whatever flavorings I have handy. Then, I ignore it and let it simmer away for a long time. After which I cool and freeze it. I keep the chicken stock for 3 months and the corn stock for 9 months.

I'm already dreaming about some wintertime Chicken Noodle Soup with homemade noodles...

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