Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some Kitchen Gadgets Are Wondrous

We received an ice cream maker for our wedding over 11 years ago. That ice cream maker has seen little enough action that on multiple occasions, we have considered getting rid of it. Fortunately, we always pull out the "let's keep it just in case" excuse for hanging on to yet another cabinet space filler. Tonight I am rejoicing that we have kept the ice cream maker in the family!
Breakfast One Egg over-medium on Whole Wheat Toast all smothered in Gravy left over from last night's roast. This was so delicious! And some warm Apple Cider to drink
Lunch Vegetables left over from last night's roast with Feta crumbled on top, Black Currant Juice
Dinner - left over Beef Roast and Vegetables in Gravy
Snacks - Cottage Cheese, Carrot Sticks, Warm Milk with Honey, Melon Frozen Yogurt

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